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  • susan fanto (Greater Tokyo, Nijubashi, the Imperial Palace)

    Hi I have a copy of this postcard sent to my mother by my father dated 10 sept 1945 while he was in Japan in …

  • John J Schlee (POJ Starts Jan 1, 2010)

    I have a 12 card set, 1947,hand painted, VG, aprx. 4×6 inches each, bound by ribbon, titled ‘In Commemoration of the Visit of Foreign Commercial …

  • John J Schlee (POJ Starts Jan 1, 2010)

    I have just acquired a bound (with cord) set of 12 postcards titled ‘In Commemoration of the Visit of Foreign Commercial Representatives to Japan’, from …

  • About Us

    Launched on January 1, 2008, Postcards of Japan (POJ) provides information on vintage postcards of Japan and the Japanese. Our focus is the pre-war period. POJ is a work in continuous progress.

    Types of Cards
    We cover views (scenes of locations) and topicals (everything else).

    Kjeld Duits
    Kjeld Duits is a journalist and photographer who has lived and worked in Japan since 1982. he is the owner of, a boutique stock photo agency of old photos of Japan.

    Yujiro Yasui
    Yujiro Yasui is the owner of Japan Memory and the author of a history book about Kobe’s Motomachi Shopping Arcade. He is a member of the Nihon Ehagakikai (Japan Postcard Association).

    POJ is written by the community it serves: postcard collectors and dealers. Interested in contributing to POJ? Contact us.

    Are you interested in contributing to POJ as a translator? We publish in English, Japanese and Dutch, and would like to add more languages. Help spread the popularity of vintage Japanese postcards around the world. Contact us.

    Contacting Us
    Contact us if you would like to contribute or obtain permission to reproduce an article. In other cases, please use the comments option on each article page.

    The written and visual contents of POJ are protected by copyright shared jointly by POJ and its writers.

    You may not reproduce our articles online or in print without first obtaining written permission. Please contact us to obtain written consent and to let us know where and when the article will be reprinted.

    Licenses for almost all visual content of POJ can be conveniently purchased online at MeijiShowa.