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POJ Starts Jan 1, 2010

Postcards of Japan (POJ) aims to be a central repository for information on vintage postcards of Japan and the Japanese. Our focus is the pre-war period.

The site will feature information about publishers, cards, contact data for dealers, interviews with dealers and collectors, and recommendations for books and sites about vintage Japanese postcards.

We still need some extra help:

• Translators (esp. JPN-ENG, ENG-JPN, but also Dutch, French and German)
• People to list postcard fairs in their area (featuring vintage Japanese postcards)
• Authors of articles about vintage Japanese postcards
• Authors of book and/or site reviews

Help us make this the best resource on the net! Contact us.


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  1. Hello Kjeld! Are you a member of ISJP, the International Society for Japanese Philately? If so, you will have already received the latest issue of their journal named Japanese Philately. In it, I had an article about Karl Lewis and his postcards. I can send you a copy by air mail if you have not seen it. With best wishes, also for your interesting web site, Mike Price

    # Michael G Price · 2009-06-26
  2. I have a postcard album of japan
    of the visit of the Naval Sqadron 1906 /1908. Is this of any value?

    # Terry Grainger · 2010-03-30
  3. The Gerald Warner Taiwan Images Collection has been re-structured and augmented (considerably). The new version is titled “The East Asia Image Collection.”

    The East Asia Image Collection is an open-access archive of digitized photographs, negatives, postcards, and slides of colonial Taiwan (1900-1945) and occupied Japan (1947-52). Rare materials include prewar picture postcards, high-quality commercial prints, and colonial era picture books. In its current state, the collection consists primarily of images, many unpublished, of colonial Taiwan.

    # Paul Barclay · 2010-05-03
  4. Having been stationed in Japan at NAS Atsugi for 28 months from August 1961 until December 1963, my interest in all items Japanese is intense. As a painter in watercolors, I have recreated many of my memories of Japan, especially street scenes of Motomachi,etc. Take a look at my Flickr photostream, tags HUFFSTUTTERS JAPAN 1960S, or my online blog, BLOGABOUTJAPAN. Thanks, Robert L. Huffstutter

    # robert huffstutter · 2010-08-14
  5. Although I am a postcard collector, I know little to nothing about Japanese PCs.

    I’ve come into possession of twelve (12) post cards that may be a set (see sample scans, attached). [NOTE: Send me a regular email address and I’ll send you the scans)

    If not a set, at least all 12 illustrations are different. I think they represent Japanese high schools and are ca. 1950.

    How wrong am I?

    What do you think their approx value might be?

    Dan Yaw
    4026 Grove Place
    Lakeland, FL 33810

    (863) 858-1171

    # Dan Yaw · 2010-11-04
  6. I have been collection Japanese aviation postcards for a number of years. I am trying to find sources of information on this category. I would like to get some idea of how many aviation cards might have been issued prior to 1945, publishers, official Japanese Army and Navy postcard issues, etc. Basically any information would be of value.

    # Ted Young · 2011-01-08
  7. We can increase rankings of your website in search engines. Please reply back for more details.

    # Darian Lewis · 2011-06-14
  8. I have a set of postcards my father got in Japan while staioned there in the war. There are 80 card to the set, #69-80 are missing. They seem to about the history of Japan up till the war.
    They are 9mmx14mm, the images are color printed and there is Japanese writing on both sides.
    I would like to know the value and may sell them.
    I can send scans if interested.

    # Joseph · 2011-09-20
  9. I have just acquired a bound (with cord) set of 12 postcards titled ‘In Commemoration of the Visit of Foreign Commercial Representatives to Japan’, from 1947, each measuring aprx. 4×6 inches, VG condition, hand painted. I would like to know the value of the set. Thank you.

    # John J Schlee · 2011-09-27
  10. I have a 12 card set, 1947,hand painted, VG, aprx. 4×6 inches each, bound by ribbon, titled ‘In Commemoration of the Visit of Foreign Commercial Representatives to Japan’. I would like to know the value. Arigato.

    # John J Schlee · 2011-09-27

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