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  • jefferson (Drink Tansan: Look for the name J. Clifford-Wilkinson)

    I have seen a bottle at its label is clifford wilkinson TANSAN

  • ALEDZMIER (Drink Tansan: Look for the name J. Clifford-Wilkinson)

    i have a bottle color green,and it has a clifford wilkinson written on the bottle..

  • susan fanto (Greater Tokyo, Nijubashi, the Imperial Palace)

    Hi I have a copy of this postcard sent to my mother by my father dated 10 sept 1945 while he was in Japan in …

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    Curt Teich Postcard Archives, The

    The Curt Teich Postcard Archives, part of the Lake County Discovery Museum, is recognized throughout the world as the largest public collection of postcards and related materials.

    The Teich Archives include:

    • Images of more than 10,000 towns and cities in North America and over 87 foreign countries
    • One of the nation’s largest collections of Route 66, Lincoln Highway and other travel-related images
    • Over 100,000 job files for the postcards produced by the Teich Company
    • 365,000 postcards that are computer-cataloged under more than 2,100 subject headings

    Located in the Lake County Discovery Museum gallery is the new exhibit, Bringing the World Home, a fun and entertaining look at life in the past two centuries through postcards. Learn about the history of the postcard and their importance as research documents.

    The Archives now also feature a very interesting blog called Life in a Postcard Mirror.

    There is very little about Japan, but if you are into postcards this is a gem of a site.

    2007-09-25 Comment