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  • jefferson (Drink Tansan: Look for the name J. Clifford-Wilkinson)

    I have seen a bottle at its label is clifford wilkinson TANSAN

  • ALEDZMIER (Drink Tansan: Look for the name J. Clifford-Wilkinson)

    i have a bottle color green,and it has a clifford wilkinson written on the bottle..

  • susan fanto (Greater Tokyo, Nijubashi, the Imperial Palace)

    Hi I have a copy of this postcard sent to my mother by my father dated 10 sept 1945 while he was in Japan in …

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    POJ Starts Jan 1, 2010

    Postcards of Japan (POJ) aims to be a central repository for information on vintage postcards of Japan and the Japanese. Our focus is the pre-war period.

    The site will feature information about publishers, cards, contact data for dealers, interviews with dealers and collectors, and recommendations for books and sites about vintage Japanese postcards.

    We still need some extra help:

    • Translators (esp. JPN-ENG, ENG-JPN, but also Dutch, French and German)
    • People to list postcard fairs in their area (featuring vintage Japanese postcards)
    • Authors of articles about vintage Japanese postcards
    • Authors of book and/or site reviews

    Help us make this the best resource on the net! Contact us.

    2007-01-05 Contact us [1]